Life in Jesus A Christ Prayer Mission was commenced in the year July 2000. A humble beginning in a cottage with people attended the meeting in a family friends house who were a Hindu family. AS the people began to coming regularly, the evening prayer meetings were begun in a school. The school offered the place for the worship the almighty god and people grew in truth, knowledge and wisdom. People realized that they are coming out of darkness and took immersion baptism. Now the number of cottage prayer meetings developed and in a week 4 cottage prayers conducted fetched fruits and all glory to God. Today there are nearly 100 families who worship and serve Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God has been gracious through the past 15 years and together along with associate Pastors , Deacons, Elders and Youth to Proclaim the vision of the mission to do great things for the Lord and His Kingdom and His Glory.

Pastors Testimony:

He hails from a Hindu Traditional background. His family was and wealthy and running a business firm established in the year 1952. Though the family was to part after disputes, he went to settle down in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu where he started a business with a huge investment in the year 1991. All was gone to ground in a span of two years and was to sell the house and shop bought and the family was taken in the hands of Lord Jesus Christ. Truly kith and in were very far in their heart to extend any support. At this hour Bro.Suresh took them to a Church in Coimbatore. The love of Jesus and the love of servants of God embraced them and October 1993 they took water baptism to become the children of God.

God has been inviting to serve as a full time minister, kept neglecting the call for the reason that who will take care of the family. Finally in 1997, August, business shutters came down and began to serve the Lord through the Indian pentecostal Assemblies, Coimbatore.

Now it was time for him to start the ministry in the name of Life in Jesus Christ Prayer Mission at Bangalore. Though felt shame to return to the native place God placed him the same place where he went as a wealthy rich family and returned as a servant of God. Now it is 15 years with cheerful and witnessing believers to glorify the Lord.